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The Sun Tower

The Sun Tower – Not far outside the boundaries of the historic district is the Sun Tower, which was the tallest building in the British Empire at the time of its completion in 1912. Designed by architect William Tuff Whiteway, the building is seventeen storeys high, and has a Beaux-Arts dome and cupola which sit atop a nine storey polygonal tower.


Gastown– The historic heart of Vancouver is located in Gastown. This interesting and historic area – officially recognized as Gastown Historic District National Historic Site (NHS) – can be found near Burrard Inlet just east of the current downtown skyline, and is dominated by commercial buildings constructed between 1886 and 1914.


The Orpheum Theatre NHS– Constructed in 1926, it was once the largest and most extravagant movie theatre on the Pacific Coast. Sometimes referred to as the “Grand Old Lady of Granville,” the theatre’s luxurious interior includes a spacious foyer, large seating capacity, and chandeliers made of Czechoslovakian crystal.